3D Artist Magazine: Substance is the Choice of the Pros

Claudia Vance on May 2 2016 | News

Leading technical art magazine 3D Artist dedicated five pages of its April issue to the rise of Substance, tracing its evolution from CEO Sébastien Deguy’s 2001 doctoral thesis to a product suite whose most recent addition is Substance Painter.


Here are three quotes from the industry pros interviewed in the article: 


Substance handles PBR as a default – and fast. 


"[Rainbow Six Siege] demanded realism because it took place in contemporary environments, so we couldn't stylize the game. We really wanted to create that immersion by getting realistic results. We found that traditional software was limiting us in our ability to go full PBR, which means that it was very difficult to get a consistent result between different artists. Substance allowed us to create the most advanced PBR project to date in Ubisoft's history." 


– Lucas Granito, Senior Technical Artist, Ubisoft 


Substance is a time-saver. 


"The Reaper in Black Ops III is a great example of where Substance Designer saved us an immense amount of time. The Reaper had close to 30 materials, many of which needed similar texture and material treatment. We were able to make one graph in Substance Designer for his metallic armor and once we nailed down the look, we were able to propagate that graph to all of the other metallic parts seamlessly and quickly." 


– Peter Zoppi, Senior Artist, Treyarch 


"In less than four months...we were able to process and update over 2,000 unique materials resulting in over 10K worth of unique texture data. Substance provided us the quality and fidelity to be able to hit our aggressive deadlines with time to spare." 


– Stephen Hauer, Art Director, Camouflaj


Substance comes with support. 


"When we started using Substance Painter, it was an early version, but Allegorithmic was such a great partner and helped us along the way. We were able to fully integrate it into our pipeline in time for full production." 


- Lucas Granito, Senior Technical Artist, Ubisoft



As a bonus, readers will also find a smart materials texturing tutorial by Allegorithmic community manager Wes McDermott on page 25. 


We are thrilled to be the choice of the pros for 3D texturing and are plased to be able to bring you The Rise of Substance in its entirety thanks to 3D Artist Magazine. 

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