Allegorithmic is the new face of Creative France

Sebastien Deguy on February 25 2016 | News, Events

We are extremely proud to announce that we just won the "Creative Next" challenge, led by Business France. This means Allegorithmic is now the new face of "Creative France", whose purpose is to highlight how innovative and creative French companies can be. Among the other ambassadors you can find amazing talents like Cédric Villani (mathematician, Fields Medalist), Philippe Starck (the famous, one-of-a-kind designer) or Hélène Darroze (recently nominated "World's Best Female Chef"). This award resonates strongly with us as it speaks for the years of hard work and effort we passionately put forth.

Thanks all for your help and support! Champagne now!

Sebastien Deguy (Founder & CEO) receiving the award last Tuesday in London


Artwork by Gaetan Lassagne


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