The Apparel Creation Contest: David & Diana – Meet the Winners!

Using either Diane Chasseresse, based on Jean Antoine Houdon’s sculpture or Michelangelo’s celebrissimo David, the contestants were asked to create an original work of 3D fashion.

The Apparel Creation Contest: David & Diana was organized by the teams of Marvelous Designer and Allegorithmic, and kindly sponsored by NVIDIA.

The Jury

Gaëtan AGUADO, Senior Manager Creation Technologies – Adidas

The level was quite high in the Pro category; I easily pre-selected 11 realizations. Then it was a bit trickier to select the top 5, beside the first which, for me, was really the best one considering the work carried out in Marvelous and Substance, the originality, and the result.

Some works that didn't end in the top 5 were really interesting, but I tried to consider at first how much both of the software tools were used, and how they demonstrated their potential.

Alexandre CAILLEAUX, Design & Brand Management – Tex-Ray

Nice variety of propositions. Interesting usage of the model.

Jay PARK, Vice President – CLO Virtual Fashion (Marvelous Designer)

All the works were so creative and better than I expected. I really enjoyed this competition and it was hard to evaluate each work and rank them.

Sébastien Deguy, CEO & Founder – Allegorithmic:

I have been blown away by the artistic qualities of this very technical contest. A big thanks to the Marvelous Designer team for co-organizing this event, and congrats to all the winners and participants!

Category: Pros

1st Place: Guru Prasadk
Bangalore, India

Diana in 18th-century Floral Costume.

Gaëtan Aguado: Fresh and crazy. The realization of Guru is really different from other contributors. He has, in common with Boris and Tony, an intensive use of Marvelous Designer and Substance to achieve an attractive and original image. The aesthetic is great: nice composition, colorful, accessories, and objects added. Well done!

Jay Park: It is a very interesting and creative work.

2nd Place: Tony Clark
Portland, USA

Gaëtan Aguado: The casual David is nicely introduced with the "Back to the Future" theme, which gives more originality to what could be seen as simple at first look. Tony masters his subject as well, he demonstrates how Marvelous Designer and Substance could provide photorealistic results. You can feel the product/material by looking in 100% detail at his image. Great job!

Alexandre Cailleaux: Variety of Garments, issues with sizing but good overall quality.

3rd Place: Xiao Zhiqiang
Chengdu, China

Alexandre Cailleaux: Variety of fabrics, realistic flow of the materials.

Special mention: André Bales
Curitiba, Brazil

Imagine the great Diana being created by another thousand-year-old culture, how would it be? This is my representation of Diana in Chinese culture. Thanks for the opportunity.

Alexandre Cailleaux: Good choice of materials, perfect use of texture contrast. Rich. Could improve the rubbery aspect.

Special mention: Massimo Caggese
Bari, Italy

All 3D elements were made in Marvelous Designer with no accessories made in other 3D software. I wanted to keep the project quite simple to focus on the overall concept and on the use of Substance and Marvelous Designer tools.

Jay Park: This hippie style suits David, so impressive.

Special Mention: Justo Figueroa Ruiz
Krakow, Poland

The text written on the base contains the phrase ביתדוד‬, which most scholars translate as "House of David". I wanted to make a loose, fantasy-looking rendition of King David. I tried a variety of clothes on him and Diana, but a royal attire looked the coolest on him - not a surprise really, given that he's supposed to be a king. My main inspiration was old illustrations from the Yoshinari brothers.

I really enjoyed making this. Loved the premise and idea of this contest! Thank you Allegorithmic and the MD team for making this possible.

Gaetan Aguado: Another nice work. The composition, colors, treatment… everything is consistent regarding the theme. All of this gives a very pleasant image. But because it was hard to rank the last 4 contributions after the selection, I would say I missed a bit of salt with this one compared to the others.

Alexandre Cailleaux: Realistic flow and fall of the garments and fabrics. Good contrast.

Special mention: John Miller
Surrey, Canada

Awesome contest, really fun to play with MD's new stitch features!

Joy Parker: Thank you for your effort in creating this amazing outfit.

Category: Students

First place: Julie Bijjou
Arles, France

Thank you for this contest!

Gaetan Aguado: Nice theme, well realized. A good use of Marvelous Designer and Substance. I appreciated the treatment of the statue base as well.

Jay Park Well done!

Second Place: Jiang Jinsheng
Shanghai, China

Alexandre Cailleaux: Good choice of motifs, colors, and textures which fit the model.

Jay Park: Even though it is a simple outfit, it looks great.

Third Place: Karlee Hanson
Savannah, USA

This was a great collaboration project between Allegorithmic and Marvelous Designer! My graduate thesis will be along the lines of this type of project - recreating historical garments in 3D software, to preserve these garments for years to come. I had a great time with this!

Gaetan Aguado: At first look, this realization doesn't catch your eyes. But if you zoom in, you see the nice work done in both Marvelous Designer and Substance. So, a bit more contrast between the statue and apparel, and a better treatment of the statue stone, would have given a more attractive image, with a better ranking!

Alexandre Cailleaux: Quality garment textures and good overall rendering.

Special Mention: Edwin Castillo
Mexico City, Mexico

Gaetan Aguado: David in a casual/street outfit is not the most original idea, but it's well made here. With more experience, Edwin will probably reach Tony's level one day. The overall image looks great, statue treatment included. Nice rendering, colors, and composition.

Alexandre Cailleaux: Variety of garments, good layering.

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