Art by Nikita Svechnikov

ArtStation Wild West Art Challenge: See the Winning Entries Made with Substance!

Pierre Bosset on September 28 2018 | Community, News, Contest, Game, Film/VFX

Although the challenge finished a couple months ago, we just had to reshare the amazing creations from ArtStation’s Wild West Art Challenge. Here are 9 of the 12 winners, who all used Substance on their artwork!

In the meanwhile, be sure to have a look at ArtStation’s new art challenge: Feudal Japan – The Shogunate. While the concept phase has already started, we are very excited to see what the Substance community will create in the 3D phase of the challenge!

Game Character Art

1st Place: The Mean Lonewolf by Jared Chavez
Albuquerque, United States of America

2nd Place: Native American by Nikita Svechnikov
Saint Petersburg, Russia

3rd Place: Warrior of the Shadows by Aidin Salsabili
Istanbul, Turkey

Film/VFX Character

1st Place: Native American Woman by Stavros Karagiannis
Athens, Greece

2nd Place: Gunslingers Rosaly by Aditya Chauhan
Pune, India

3rd Place: The Law Woman by Ellie Dupont
Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Game Environment/Level Art

1st Place: Wild West Art Challenge by Jon Arellano
San Diego, United States of America

2nd Place: Wild West Art Challenge by Maarten Hof
Malmö, Sweden

Prop Art

2nd Place: Steampowered Steed by Bohdan Lvov
Zaporizhia, Ukraine

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