Best of 2018: Substance in Design

Pierre Bosset on January 8 2019 | News, Stories, Design

It's time for the best design-related user stories of 2018!

How CMF Designers are Using Substance for Car Interior Design

We teamed up with Faurecia to show you how we textured a car seat thanks to material scanning and the use of Substance Designer.

Your Smartphone is a Material Scanner: Vol. II

You have a scanner in your pocket right now. Grab your phone and start scanning the world.

From Physical to Digital Parametric Material with Substance

This short video shows you how to create a 3D parametric material in just a few minutes using any capture device you want along with the ready-made templates within Substance Designer.

Texturing for AR: Enhancing The Online Shopping Experience With Shopify

Discover how Shopify revolutionizes online shopping experiences, by texturing products in 3D for AR.

Tarek Abdellatif Makes Photorealistic Train Interiors with Substance Painter

Take a ride in this Egyptian train - entirely textured in Substance Painter!

Motion Design: Andreas Barden Breaks Down his Substance Source Video

Learn how Art and Creative Director Andreas Barden showcases the use of Substance Source materials in motion design!

Behind the Scenes of the X-Taon Substance Show Car

Discover how a team of industry professionals conceived the X-Taon show car, from concept to modeling to rendering.

Pauline Boiteux Explores Pattern Art with Substance Designer

Elegant fabrics and intricate designs: see how Pauline Boiteux speaks fluent Substance Designer!

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