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Best of 2018: Substance in Film

Pierre Bosset on January 4 2019 | News, Stories, Film/VFX

We continue our series of Best of 2018 selections, by bringing you the best Film-focused user stories of last year:

Texturing Hero Assets on the Movie Pacific Rim: Uprising with DNEG

"The number of textures needed to cover an asset was massive, up to 1000 UDIMs per Jaeger." Learn how Double Negative textured Pacific Rim’s Jaegers with the Substance toolset.

Blade Runner 2049’s Oscar-winning Texturing Workflow at Framestore

Our interview focuses on the benefits of Substance in the lookdev phase, for two of the film’s breathtaking environments: Las Vegas (or what’s left of it), and the solar farms we see early in the movie.

Tomb Raider: Texturing a Movie Hero Asset with Rising Sun Pictures

We had the pleasure of meeting Noah Vice, who will talk about the overall usage of Substance at Rising Sun Pictures, and Christina Rzewucki, who will dive into the texturing of a hero asset with Substance Painter.

Substance for VFX in Advertisement with The Mill New York

"Substance Painter was instrumental in creating the CG environments and assets for the spot". Learn how The Mill New York uses Substance Painter in VFX for advertisement!

Capsule Studio: How to use Substance Painter Optimally in Small VFX Teams

"Today, we can say that Substance Painter has changed our way of creating materials for high-end CG assets." Learn how Substance Painter was used on a McDonald’s commercial, and on the Farming Simulator 2019 trailer!

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