Courtesy of Ubisoft Québec, Eidos Montréal and Gameloft

Best of 2018: Substance in Games

Pierre Bosset on January 2 2019 | News, Stories, Game

2018 was a bustling year for the 3D community and the quality and quantity of artwork, projects, and content made with Substance is at a record high. For your pleasure, here is a selection of 2018's best stories about games made with Substance:

Discover the World of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – Substance Workflow at Ubisoft Québec

Learn how the team at Ubisoft Québec created a library of 1500+ materials to bring Ancient Greece to life with senior texture artist Vincent Dérozier and senior environment artist Pierre Fleau.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Texturing the South American Jungle

Meet Senior Technical Artist Ken Jiang, who walks us through Eidos Montreal’s texturing workflow on the recently released Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Sonic Runners Adventure: Gameloft Uses Substance for Mobile Games

See how Substance Designer and the Substance Engine take on the challenges of texture creation for mobile games.

Dead by Daylight - Substance Brings Your Worst Nightmares to Life!

Warning: you won’t dare turn the lights out after seeing these horrifying characters brought to life with Substance Painter.

The Art of God of War

We are proud to be able to say that the Substance toolset helped the folks at Santa Monica Studio to achieve their incredible vision of the Norse Mythology. Here are some of the talented Substance artists behind God of War.

When Play Looks Like Clay: Discover PS4’s Frantics!

We were delighted to take a look at the latest outing from NapNok Games for PS4, Frantics. The unique visual design of the game gives the feeling of playing in a handmade clay stop-motion movie.

See How a Team of Modders Uses Substance to Recreate Skyrim!

"Beyond Skyrim is a collection of various teams, with each team working on a different part of Tamriel and the surrounding provinces." Meet Hayden Price and discover Beyond Skyrim, a mod filled with Substance!

Making VFX in Mobile Games with Nikola Damjanov

From the games studio Nordeus, VFX game artist Nikola Damjanov is someone who loves to push the boundaries of the tools at his disposal: this is one of the reasons why we often call him to beta test new features in Substance Designer. And the results are always awesome!

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