Best of 2018: Substance Source

Pierre Bosset on January 16 2019 | Substance Source, News, Stories, Game, Film/VFX, Design

It's time for Substance Source to get it's Best of 2018 selection! The online material library evolved a lot last year, with a new UI and over 1700 materials tailored for different industries, with even more presets and tons of possible variations.

Substance Source Automotive Materials

The Substance Source team’s technical artists worked tirelessly to create our biggest production ever, with 700 materials and more than 1500 presets dedicated to prototyping, car exteriors and interiors.

Substance Source Kicks Off New Sportswear Fabrics!

Using fabrics made by leading sports textile manufacturer TexRay, our team has scanned each material with a focus on detail and accuracy. In each of these 30 materials, fiber, weave, pattern, glossiness, and other attributes all come together to reproduce the aspect and feeling of top-of-the-line technical wear for athletes – both professionals and hobbyists.

Substance Source: Creature Skins

All procedurally generated, the assets are designed with the brand new scattering map in order to make the most of Substance Painter’s SSS feature. Monsters, zombies, aliens or reptilians? Or alien reptilian zombie monsters? We can’t wait to see your creations!

Substance Source: Mark Foreman’s Medieval World

Master blacksmith of Substance nodes, Mark will take us on a journey back to Medieval times! Mark made his mark (aka ‘Mark’s mark’) on the graphs of 15 highly detailed assets reviving the ancient construction crafts. Winter is coming! Light your torch and cross the threshold into Mark’s shire to meet earls, villagers, and peasants.

Substance Source Signature Material Release: Chris Hodgson

When asked what theme he would like to use for his signature release for Substance Source, Chris absolutely - and to our great pleasure - wanted to introduce science-fiction materials. And so today we have 18 high-quality sci-fi materials, available on Substance Source!

Substance Source: Signature Materials by Daniel Thiger

Daniel is a consummate craftsman with a long experience in the video game industry. He is currently Lead Environment Artist at Bungie, in Seattle, where he worked on both games in the Destiny series. For Substance Source, Daniel produced a selection of 15 fully procedural ground materials, so detailed that they are virtually indistinguishable from scanned materials.

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