The Best of Substance 2017: Architecture

As a new year dawns, the time has come to peer over our shoulders at the past twelve months of Substance. We're proud to share with you the breathtaking art, smart artists, creative studios, and unexpected techniques that made 2017 what it was. Today it's our pleasure to present the Best of Substance 2017: Architecture.

Deep Dive: The First Architecture Selection Update for Substance Source

The first architecture-themed update to Substance Source, our physically based materials library released in late 2016, loaded 12 procedural materials dedicated to architecture visualization experts – wood, brick, terrazzo, parquet and more. Complete with a detailed explanation of their creation, this post shows possible variations for every kind of render.

Physically Based Materials Workflow for Archviz

In this webinar, NVIDIA's Andrew Rink and architectural visualization specialist Scott DeWoody explain how to create MDL materials and use Substance Designer's new scan processing features.

Substance and 3ds Max: A Perfect Match

We recently announced the Substance Source integration in Autodesk's 3ds Max Asset Library, giving you access to over a thousand PBR materials. Furthermore, this plugin can be used with Substance Designer to easily create materials with higher resolution rates.

Obvioos: Immersive Experiences for Real-Time Archviz

Obvioos, a two-man team of architecture visualization specialists, explains the hows and the whys of their business, as well as their use of Substance Designer.

Interior Design: The Fingerprint of Ibrahim Saad

Ibrahim Saad decided to add a little bit of grunge to his projects. Fingerprints, scraps, dirt – he illustrates how all these elements come together in his workflow to give a better impression of reality.

Here's to 2018 and to bringing you even more Substance updates, materials, tutorials and inspiring stories!

P.S. We've just made our selection of the 19 architecture images that inspired us the most this year from our Substance for Architecture & Design Facebook community!

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