Art courtesy of Guillaume Meyer / Cem Tezcan / Jack Darton

The Best of Substance 2017: Design

Allegorithmic on January 4 2018 | Stories, Architecture

We're proud to share with you the breathtaking art, smart artists, creative studios, and innovative techniques that made 2017 what it was. Today it's our pleasure to present our favorite design-focused stories with the Best of Substance 2017: Design.

Substance Source: How We Made the Sportswear Collection with Textile Manufacturer Tex-Ray

Tex-Ray, the Taiwanese textile manufacturer, linked arms with Allegorithmic to release fabric materials in Substance Source. Alexandre Cailleaux explains how these fabrics are designed.

3D Printed Materials Beamed Into Substance Source

50 tweakable materials aim to reproduce the aspect and feeling of 3D printing to allow professionals the best possible visualization of their project - before the actual printing. Find these new materials in Substance Source.

The Art of Car Material Rendering by Jack Darton

Car lovers, this is for you! Jack Darton blows life into the rendering of automotive bodies and parts, and his digital rides are definitely worth a look.

Product Design: From CAD to Substance with Cem Tezcan

Technical designer Cem Tezcan introduces the community to his workflow, from CAD to Substance, and breaks down several of his compositions.

Industrial Design: Injecting Realism with Substance

A painting robot, a drill driver, a pair of leather boots - Iskander Gallyamov shows his skill with man-made tools, both digital and realistic.

BMW Concept Z4 tail light

Best of Mattershots 2017

This year, we introduced Mattershots our new Instagram inspiration channel. Just 10 months after the launch we are so proud to see more followers every day and such a success for the Materialize Contest using Mattershots images as references for the realization of digital textures. Today have a look at this year best-of selection.

We will do our very best in 2018, with the firm intention to bring you more updates, more materials, more tutorials and more inspiring stories.

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