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The Best of Substance 2017: Games

Allegorithmic on December 28 2017 | Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, Stories, Game

As a new year dawns, the time has come to peer over our shoulders at the past twelve months of Substance. We're proud to share with you the breathtaking art, smart artists, creative studios, and innovative techniques that made 2017 what it was. Today it's our pleasure to present our favorite games-focused stories with the Best of Substance 2017: Games.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands, a User Story with Substance

How does a major studio speed up prop and environment creation for a massive open-world game? Technical artist Guillaume Cerdan talks about how Ubisoft got it done with Substance.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 – Discover Relic Entertainment's Texturing Pipeline

We couldn’t resist asking Relic Entertainment for some insights into their texturing pipeline for the newest game in the Warhammer universe. They responded with a detailed look inside their pipeline, including a breakdown of how they used Substance to create the Space Marine and Ork weapons.

Arkane Studios: Texturing Prey's Retro-Futuristic Visual Style

We sat down with Arkane Studios' Tim Alexander, Eric Beyhl and Billy Lord to get a close-up of the texturing pipeline for Prey's environments and the studio's approach to creating wear and tear using Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

Forza Motorsport 7: Visually Stunning, Packed with Substance

One of 2017's most anticipated games is the focus in this in-depth article with the Turn 10 team!

Texturing Epic Games' Robo Recall: Substance Painter for VR Workflows

Epic Games’ Robo Recall is one of the most fun arcade shooter games out there for Oculus Rift. Besides that, it’s also one of the best-looking VR games to date. We interview Edward Quintero, who was responsible for texturing the characters and weapons for the game.

How Pete Sekula Built Rome in (Almost) a Day with Substance Designer

Pete Sekula sure gave Substance Designer a workout when he created his Rome Fantasy Packs, plugging and hacking nodes to reproduce the detailed, intricate patterns of Roman architecture. See how Substance helped him save massive amounts of time and create complex surfaces for his one-man art studio!

Chico Spans: Creating Stunning Environments with Unreal Engine and Substance

We couldn't help but notice Chico Spans' Abbott FV433 Tank Interior when it crossed our radar this past summer, as it was complex, detailed and rendered in real time with Unreal Engine 4. In this user story, we had the pleasure of getting an inside look at the creation process from the ground up!

Here's to 2018 and to bringing you even more Substance updates, materials, tutorials and inspiring stories!

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