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The Best of Substance 2017: VFX

Allegorithmic on January 2 2018 | Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, Stories, Film/VFX

As a new year dawns, the time has come to peer over our shoulders at the past twelve months of Substance. We're proud to share with you the breathtaking art, smart artists, creative studios, and innovative techniques that made 2017 what it was. Today it's our pleasure to present our favorite VFX-focused stories with the Best of Substance 2017: VFX.

Logan: Texturing Workflows for VFX with Rising Sun Pictures

Blood and claws: Rising Sun Pictures' Andrew Palmer, strong with his experience on X-Men Apocalypse and Thor: Ragnarok, explains all about the use of Substance Painter in Logan.

The Man in the High Castle: A TV Series with Substance

A dystopian uchronia, The Man in the High Castle needed heavy Substance use for the creation of a terrifying alternate history - and very specific production pipelines in order to ensure coherent and consistent materials.

The Mill: Creating Kia’s Super Bowl Ad with Substance

The Mill's Sharlene Lin explains how the most popular commercial as rated by Super Bowl LI’s Ad Meter was created, the challenges she faced and how she overcame them.

Substance Texturing for Animation

Take a look into the world of animation with this cool tutorial by Nikie Monteleone, who explains how to use Substance Painter to texture both characters and props in movies.

Hybrids: A Top-Grade Student Short Film Made With Substance

A team of five French film students worked on an amazing short movie, Hybrids. They explain their creative process.

Here's to 2018 and to bringing you even more Substance updates, materials, tutorials and inspiring stories!

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