Character Art Contest – The Beast

Jeremie Noguer on January 28 2016 | News, Events


In any adaptation of this universal theme, between the Beauty and the Beast, the Beast has always been the most fascinating character. He is a freak of nature, a monster, an anomaly who doesn’t belong in the world he lives in. From Cocteau to Disney, from Boris Karloff to Johnny Depp or Andy Serkis, the Beast has been portrayed hundreds of times in hundreds of different ways. Now what’s your take on this legendary creature?


The contest runs from January 28th to April 11th at 11:59PM PST and is hosted by Polycount. A jury made of the industry’s best character artists will decide who will get a chance to win an iPad Pro, an Nvidia Quadro graphic card, software licenses (Zbrush/Marvelous Designer) and lifetime Substance Live licenses. Find out more details and rules of the contest here!

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