Character Art Contest - The Beast Runner-ups

Jeremie Noguer on April 27 2016 | News

First of all, thanks to all of you who participated in the contest and thank you especially to our friends at Polycount for hosting all your creations! We have been impressed by the number of participants and the quality of entries. With more than 100 characters submitted, the Jury, made of some of the industry’s best character artists, had a pretty hard time selecting the winning entries.

Today, we are revealing the runner-ups of the contest, places 4 to 10. Congratulations to these talented artists who gain a lifetime Substance Live Indie license.

The top 3 winners will be announced separately tomorrow Thursday. Can you guess who made it to the final podium?

4th: Sage by OccultMonk

5th: Sombreuil by Walgrind

6th: Fading Memory by Cai

7th: Bitter Revenge by RenanTorres

8th: The Manticore by Cersei_Lannister

9th: The Oldest Beast by MURIL

10th: Beauty's Pet by Firith

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