Check Out What’s New in Substance Painter 2.6

Froyok on April 28 2017 | Technology, Substance Painter, Software

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s Substance Painter 2.6 release for all the excitement around the contest, here’s a quick post explaining what’s inside.

This new version of Substance Painter includes the following major features:

– A new plugin allows you to update resources in an existing project thanks to the latest extension of the scripting API (something that many of you have been waiting for)

– Texture set renaming and reassignment. Useful when reimporting a mesh with different material names or to change the name of textures at export time.

Starting with this release and for every future release, a specific page in the Substance Painter documentation has been created that goes over the main features added in this 2.6 build.

You can also find the overview video on Substance Academy.

The full release note is included in the documentation page, and it’s also here in its usual place on the Substance Painter product page.

We hope you’ll spend part of the weekend enjoying the new stuff in 2.6!

p.s. If you want to enter the Meet MAT: 2017 The Substance 3D Painting Contest running from April 27 to May 11, we’ve got some good news: we added MAT as a default sample in Substance Painter 2.6. To start creating your entry, load the sample, click Start Painting on the welcome screen and you're all set.

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