Create AR Experiences with Substance Painter in Snap's Lens Studio

Jeremie Noguer on January 23 2018 | Technology, Substance Painter, News, Software, Content

Creating AR experiences for Snapchat with the new Lens Studio from Snap is really simple and fun. To top it off, Snapchat provides a custom shelf for Substance Painter to help you get started. Create awesome textures for your models and export them directly into Lens Studio!

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Step 1: Set up the Lens Studio Shelf in Substance Painter

Download the custom Lens Studio shelf and follow the instructions.

Snapchat’s ubershader is very similar to the default Substance Painter Metal/Roughness shader so any asset you’ve already built should translate nicely to Lens Studio. Simply use the Lens export preset and the mesh export option if needed, that’s all you will need.

Make sure to export your textures in a resolution of no higher than 1024x1024 as it’s the maximum resolution allowed in Lens Studio for now.

Step 2: Create Your Lens

Now open Lens Studio. Import your mesh and textures in the Resources window and replace the template’s main object with yours. We now need to create the materials for our object.

Create a new PBR Material resource and plug your textures in the Base, Normal and Params slots. Apply the materials to the mesh and you're done!

Step 3: Submit your Lens

Select the Pair Your Device button in the top right corner. Open Snapchat and scan the Snap Code by holding your finger on it through Snapchat. This will allow you to send your Lens to your phone.

Once you’re happy with the results, go back to Lens Studio. Select the Submit Lens button in the top left corner and wait for the approval process to finish (it can take from a few minutes to an hour).

You’ll then be able to share the Snap Code with your friends, on your website or even on ArtStation so that everyone can experience your scene in AR.

We already played around with the tool on our side, and our good old MAT now has his own Snapchat Lens! Scan the Snap Code to upload MAT to your phone.

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