Courtesy of Ubisoft Québec

Discover the World of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – Substance Workflow at Ubisoft Québec

Pierre Bosset on November 14 2018 | Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Stories, Game

Get to know the epic Substance workflow developed by the talented folks at Ubisoft Québec for the gorgeous and acclaimed Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Learn how the team created a library of 1500+ materials to bring Ancient Greece to life with senior texture artist Vincent Dérozier and senior environment artist Pierre Fleau.


“A magnificent and beautiful open world on a scale we’ve rarely seen.”

“It is the stunning re-creation of another world that is this game’s crown jewel”
The Guardian

“No matter where you are, the world brims with unparalleled artistry.”

“This isn't just Ubisoft's biggest game ever, it's also it's most beautiful.”

“The amount of detail packed into each location is impressive”

“The islands of Ancient Greece have been recreated with startling scale, boasting an attention to detail so vast that it’s genuinely overwhelming.”

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