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Feudal Japan: The Shogunate ArtStation Challenge – Every Winner used Substance

Pierre Bosset on December 14 2018 | Community, News, Contest, Game, Film/VFX

With over 5000 participations, ArtStation’s Feudal Japan: The Shogunate Challenge gathered artists from all around the world. This record participation saw an incredible number of interpretations of medieval Japan come to life. Both the concept art and production categories boasted an intense level of creativity from the community.

This was obviously a feast for the eyes, and when ArtStation announced the winners of the challenge, we were happy to see that every single one of the 3D category winners used the Substance software in their texturing process. Here they are once again, congratulations to the winners and all participants, and kudos to ArtStation for hosting this formidable event.

Game Character Art (real-time)

1st – Melan Barba, Tabaco City, Philippines

Artwork: Samurai Crab

2nd – Juan Novelletto, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artwork: Submission

3rd – Ilya Gagarin, St.Peterburg, Russia

Artwork: Shinobi

Game Environment/Level Art

1st – Rudy Lamotte, Annecy, France

Artwork: Saigo no senshi

2nd – Tim Simpson, Montreal, Canada


3rd – Jeryce Dianingana, Montreal, Canada

Artwork: Oni Shrine

Film/VFX Character Art (rendered)

1st – Artem Gansior, Los Angeles, USA


2nd – Sarah Bromley, Detroit, USA


3rd – John Doromal, Florida, USA


Prop Art (rendered)

1st – Adam Nield, Manchester & London, United Kingdom

Artwork: Ornamental Japanese Matchlock Hand Mortar

2nd – Doru Bogdan, Baia Mare, Romania

Artwork: Hiya Taihou

3rd – Aidin Salsabili, Istanbul, Turkey

Artwork: Artwork

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