Glauco Longhi and his Buddy Orc

Anthony Salvi on October 6 2015 | Stories

What's your name/avatar?

Glauco Longhi

How old are you?


Where do you come from?

Brazil - Sao Paulo

What's your actual job?

Character Artist at Naughty Dog

Web Portfolio address?

My website is
My Facebook is

When did you start using Substance Painter and why?

I played a little bit with Substance Painter last year. The idea of painting materials and getting rid of the old school workflow of doing everything separated was mind blowing. I have a huge background in traditional sculpture/makeup fx and it seems more organic and natural for me. I can "choose" effects based on the generators and kind of "dry brush", or do some "washes", and so on. It just feels good doing work on it. The software is complex but easy to use. It took me little effort to understand the pipeline and interface.
But I really got into it this year. I've been using it since January on a daily basis and every update it's exciting because it only gets better. To be honest I can't even imagine doing the same work without it anymore. It's fast and efficient!

Can you share a particular technique in the tool that was essential to your workflow?

Everything I do has some dirt generators and some hand-painted mask on top to make it more "natural". I also make sure that every layer of dirt has different roughness and sometimes height as well. This way I get material break up instead of just colors, which adds depth and realism to the final look.

What’s the little name of your Orc?

He has no name! I'll leave it to you. But he looks like a nice guy, so you can call him Buddy Orc if you want to ;)

What's your next project?

I have a few projects in progress right now, so just stay tuned ;)

Thanks Glauco for sharing your experience with the community. We really loved these renders and overall your mindset as an artist. Can't wait to see your next projects, and in the meantime say Hi to your Orc buddy for us!

Read the impressive making-of:

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