Here are the Winners of the Rubber Ducky Challenge!

Pierre Bosset on April 24 2018 | Community, Contest, AR

The members of the jury had to take a lot of baths choosing the Rubber Ducky Challenge winners; after much deliberation (outside of the bathtub), they gave their verdict: here are the winners of the international and US categories! Check out the runners-up on Snap’s original post.

International Winner: Samurai Ducky by Meik Horak

Snap to unlock Lens:

US Winner: Robbert Ducky Jr. by David Hansen

Snap to unlock Lens:

The jury members included:

Jury members

From Allegorithmic:
Sébastien Deguy – Founder and CEO
Damien Bousseau – Technical Artist
Jeremie Noguer – Product Manager for Substance Painter
Fabrice Piquet – Product Designer and Technical Artist

From Snap:
Nathan Boyd – Product Designer, Snapchat
Lidiya Bogdanovych – Manager, Lens Design
Travis Chen – Manager, Camera Platform Engineering
Rylee Ebsen – Director, Creative Media
Jeff Miller – Director, Creative Strategy
Bobby Murphy – Co-Founder of Snap

Both winners will receive:

A warm thanks to all the participants and to Lens Studio by Snap for co-hosting the contest!

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