Art by Alex Buryak

Imagine, Texture and Render the Future of Mars with Substance

What if one million humans lived on Mars? This is the question HP asks of artists and designers in a new - and ambitious - contest: MARS HOME PLANET. Can the community design a utopian urban society, on Mars, for one million humans?

The contest takes place in three steps. Steps one and two - concept and 3D modeling - are complete, with amazing results. Now the community is being called into action for step three: it’s time to render!

Participants may use the files submitted by other users in the challenge, and build on them to create the final render. Anyone can join! Help the designers of life on Mars, and imagine what the future of humans will look like on the red planet.

Want to simulate an uber-realistic Martian environment, respectful of the laws of physics? We’re giving away 7 free materials on Substance Source to help you on the way! You can find them easily with the “MarsHomePlanet” tag in the Substance Source search bar.

You can tweak these materials directly in Substance Player, which is also available for free here. Take a look at what you can do with Substance Player and the free “Solar Panel Grid” material:

Of course, the .sbsar format is used in any software that can support PBR workflow. You can also tweak materials directly in tools such as 3ds Max and Maya using our free plugins!

To take it a step further, use Substance Painter to texture your model (the model has to be unwrapped) and use Substance Designer to create procedural materials. If you don’t already have these, you can download them for a free 30-day trial. If you need to renew your trial, contact us here.

You can seamlessly export your models from Substance software to offline renderers (V-Ray, Arnold, etc.) and real-time game engines (UE4, Unity), for both still images and VR experiences.

Partners for the contest include HP, NVIDIA, CG Architect, Chaos Group - and of course, Allegorithmic. Submissions will be accepted until July 6.

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