Meet Allegorithmic at FMX Stuttgart 2018!

Pierre Bosset on April 23 2018 | Community, News, Events

FMX is Europe’s most influential conference dedicated to Digital Visual Arts, Technologies, and Business. Every year, VFX specialists and animation experts, as well as Games and Transmedia talents, come to FMX to present cutting-edge achievements, state-of-the-art tools and pipelines, fascinating real-time technologies, spectacular immersive experiences, innovative business models and more. More recently they have been joined by VR, AR, and 360° creatives who have introduced a new dimension into movie-making and into entertainment more generally.

The event runs from April 24-27, and this year Allegorithmic will be hosting a VFX workshop and a conference on lighting and rendering. Read on to get more details!

WORKSHOP: Using Substance in a VFX Workflow with Damien Climent and Eric Lautard

April 25th / 10 AM - 11 AM / Room Karlsruhe

During this workshop oriented towards VFX professionals, Allegorithmic technical artists Damien Climent and Eric Lautard will demonstrate how the latest releases of Substance Designer and Substance Painter integrate into VFX workflows that demand flexibility, speed, and handling of UDIM assets. Substance Designer topics include a material creation workflow highlighting the most recent nodes added to the tool. Substance Painter topics include how to texture a very large-scale building (VFX-type asset) using new features such as layer instancing.

CONFERENCE: Lighting and Rendering Materials and Substance with Davide Pesare and Tamy Boubekeur

April 25th / 2 PM - 3 PM / Room Kino Gloria

After an overview of Bxdfs and their varying inputs, called patterns, Davide and Tamy will dive into procedural vs data-based patterns, and baking. They will discuss the challenges of materials such as layering and portable description, as well as what makes Substance unique. They will conclude with insights about current developments, research trends, and future technologies.

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