A New Dimension in the Substance Ecosystem

Jeremie Noguer on October 18 2017 | Technology, Substance Painter, Software, Integrations

A few weeks ago, we released Substance Painter 2017.3 along with an enigmatic new export format: Adobe Standard Materials. Today, Adobe officially launched their first product taking advantage of this new format: Adobe Dimension (formerly known as Project Felix).

Substance Painter's export to Adobe Dimension allows for a perfectly streamlined workflow between the two apps. Adobe Dimension materials are built upon NVIDIA's MDL format, making it a perfect fit for materials created in Substance Designer as well.

With Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Adobe Dimension, it's now easier than ever to bring high-quality assets and materials to print artworks, presentations or illustrations thanks to Dimension's automatic lighting features and advanced material system.

We are very proud of this unique partnership between Allegorithmic and Adobe and can't wait to see your Substance Painter assets composited and rendered in Adobe Dimension!

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