One Year with Substance and Allegorithmic

With (Sant)Allegorithmic, it’s Christmas all year long: we deliver new features and services when we feel they are ready, month after month. And when we look back at 2016, we can proudly say that the Allegorithmic's elves have been working really hard! Here is the 2016 feature retrospective, starting from the Substance Painter 2 launch.


Substance Painter 2 launch packed with tons of new features:

  • Iray renderer
  • Full-screen mode
  • New non-destructive Smudge tool
  • Support for Specular / Glossines PBR workflow (with new diffuse channel)
  • Chaining Substances (plug Substances into Substance image inputs)

Substance Designer 5.4:

  • New bakers:
    • Transfer texture from Mesh: you can now reproject your textures (including normal maps), on a mesh with different UVs.
    • Position from Mesh
    • World Space Normal with new setting: Tangent or Binormal
  • Substance Designer: Export to Artstation
  • Callback Python scripts feature

  • Discord Launch


Substance engine integration in Houdini.


Substance Painter 2.1 with:

  • Linux Support
  • UDIM tiles import and export support
  • 8K export (experimental)
  • High DPI screens support

Substance Painter 2.2 :

  • Dynamic Material Layering support

Substance Designer 5.5:

  • MDL Editor
  • New Baker: Curvature from mesh

Substance Painter 2.3:

  • New "Export to Photoshop" plugin (export complete layer stack)
  • New clay shader to view details with the height/normal channel
  • New baked lighting filter with environment input

Substance Painter 2.4:

  • Brand new shelf
  • New particle presets

Substance Designer 5.6:

  • New scan blending and weathering filters:
    • "Color Match" filter
    • "Water Level" filter
    • "Snow Cover" filter
    • "Material Height Blend" filter
  • New "Histogram Scan (Non Uniform)" filter
  • New "Height to Normal (world units)" filter
  • New "Height Blend" Filter
  • New "AO (Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion)" filter

If you want to get informed of the new features as soon as they are released, join our growing community on one of our channels.

We wish you happy holidays and we will see you without a doubt for another exciting year with Substance!

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