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The Path to Substance Source

Sebastien Deguy on November 2 2016 | Software, Content

Earlier this summer, we started talking about our plans to bring content to Substance Live. Substance Source is now here.

If there is a driving force at Allegorithmic, it is the respect we have for artists.

And it is that very respect that led us to develop tools that are here to help artists in their creative journey. The Substance tools are not designed to impose a particular workflow, technique or style. They don’t trap creators in a walled garden – regardless of how beautiful walled gardens can be.

Artists should be FREE and this freedom should be inalienable. Tools should adapt to the artist, not the opposite. I certainly hope the Substance toolset reflects that philosophy and serves only to empower artists.

Now we also believe that artists need inspiration, as well as the fundamental elements necessary for creation, including samples and references that help ignite the process, or simply make it more efficient and focused on what truly matters.

Artists need sources for all these things.

Today I am particularly excited because we are introducing Substance Source.

Substance Source is what we envision when we talk about what a library of materials should be. A library that doesn’t impose a specific technique or style. A library that contains all kinds of materials, whether hand-painted, scanned or procedural – or a mix thereof. Whatever the type, what really matters is the quality, diversity, and customizability of this content.

So we have started gathering a large, versatile set of materials, created by us as well as by selected partners. This library will grow continuously. We are also in contact with more partners to grow the ecosystem of styles and techniques, while focusing on what truly matters to artists.

Of course, the word “free” has two meanings. We wanted to build around both of them, so we are providing access to Substance Source at no extra charge to all Substance Live subscribers since freedom and inspiration are the heart and soul of Allegorithmic.

Substance Source is one more branch of the ecosystem of texture and material creation initiated by the tools you know. We hope you like what you find there, and that this proves both empowering and liberating.

– Sébastien Deguy
Founder & CEO – Allegorithmic


A Physically Based Material Library with Something for Everyone
Substance Source is a library of physically based materials packed with assets for taking your texturing, material-making and 3D art even further.

There is something for everyone in Substance Source, from procedural Substance materials to hand-painted materials to 100% physically based scans. Regardless of your style, creative vision or workflow, Substance Source works for you.

Substance Source will grow continuously with regular additions of new assets and the addition of new parameters and options to existing materials. Thanks to an implementation of Sketchfab’s 3D visualization technology, users can look over assets from any angle.

Customizable for All Your Projects
Generate infinite variations from a single .sbsar file. Get all outputs needed for any workflow: Classic, PBR metallic, roughness, specular and gloss.

Game Engine and Renderer Ready
Use the Substance material anywhere or export the textures to any game engine or renderer.


Substance Source is now part of Substance Live. If you’re a subscriber to Substance Live, content is now included in your monthly plan:

Substance Live Indie
Substance Live Indie subscribers now have 30 downloads a month included in their plan at no additional charge: the plan is still priced at $19.90 per month. Just log in to Substance Source using your current Substance Live account information to start downloading assets.

Substance Live Pro
We are also rolling out Substance Live Pro for our pro customers (annual revenues between $100K and $5M). Substance Live Pro includes the same access to the latest versions of the Substance toolset, plus 50 downloads a month from Substance Source, for $99/month. (Get more information about Substance Live.)

Substance Source for Pro/Studio and Enterprise
Pro/Studio customers can make a one-time purchase of access to Substance Source from the Allegorithmic website.

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