Procedural Material Contest

Nicolas LIATTI on October 13 2015 | News

We are thrilled to launch the first Procedural Material Contest, sponsored by NVIDIA! The challenge will run from October 13th to November 12th, 2015 and the results will be announced on November 19th and 20th.

The contest will be hosted on Substance Share, which makes it quite beneficial for all Substance users; as entries will be publicly available, for everyone to use and learn from. In addition, a jury of top talent from all over the 3D industry will choose the best materials in each category. The procedural materials can range from pure materials such as metal, dirt or cloth to complex composited materials such as a door or a vine covered building facade.

If you have any questions, please refer to the dedicated forum board!


Category Prizes


  • The contest will last from October 13th, 2015 to November 12th, 2015. The results will be announced on November 19th and 20th.
  • The procedural material must be created in Substance Designer.
  • The material has to be created especially for the challenge, no material created prior to the challenge will be accepted.
  • Use of the new Grunge Maps Collection is allowed.
  • No other large bitmaps are allowed. Small bitmaps can be used as scattered objects (cigarette butt, leaves, debris etc.)
  • Submissions must be made through the "Export to Substance Share" feature in Substance Designer, in the category "Contest".
  • The material must feature at least the following outputs: Base Color, Metallic, Roughness, Normal, Height.
  • Contestants can enter in as many categories as they feel like but are limited to only one entry per category.
  • Please read the Substance Guidelines for Substance Share before submitting your materials.
  • Materials can be iterated on and modified until the end of the challenge, even if already uploaded.
  • Final previews of the materials should be rendered using Iray on a primitive shape in Substance Designer.
  • Both .sbs and .sbsar files must be included.
    • If you wish to keep some of your process from being public, you can of course embed sbsars in your graphs.
  • The contest is about materials only, you don't need to build a scene or a specific mesh.


Descriptions are simply examples, be creative!

  • Urban - An old decrepit house, a busy street in Downtown or a state of the art hospital, modern cityscapes are full of interesting materials.
  • Nature - From the deep Amazon rainforest to the Grand Canyon, nature overflows with procedural-friendly wonders.
  • Fantasy - Vine crawling on stone walls, burnt down villages, iron thrones and mystical creatures, perfect ingredients for an epic adventure.
  • Sci-Fi - This derelict spaceship is perfect for grungy looking materials, and these slimy creatures staring at us look rather intriguing!
  • Stylized - Welcome to Toontown! Or is it Azeroth?


Christophe Desse
Technical Artist
Naughty Dog

David Doepp
Asset Supervisor

Matthew Gueller
Sr Surface Designer

Lucas Granito
Technical Artist
Ubisoft Montreal

Roland Longpre
Principal Artist
Relic Entertainment

Nicolas Wirrmann
Product Manager on Substance Designer

Gilles Fleury

Tech Art Director

Andrew Page

Materials Product Manager

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