Art by Beatrice Tisander

The Rookies Finalists: Check Out the Best Projects Made With Substance!

Pierre Bosset on July 7 2018 | Community, Student, Game, Film/VFX

Once again, The Rookies Contest has been a great success! The 2018 edition features even more high-quality projects, with 9,971 digital projects created by 2,914 students from more than 87 countries worldwide and over 580 academic facilities. The jury has chosen the finalists, who will run for the Rookie of the Year title in their respective categories. As a proud sponsor of the contest, we made a selection of some of the best projects in game development, animation, and VFX:

Feature Animation

Evergreen by Eric McDonald

Little Rascal by Zeinab Farran

Moonkiller by Alvaro Zabala

Game Development

The Last Pass by Nic Belliard

Space Caravan by Beatrice Tisander

Somerset Isle by Tomer Meltser

Quinn (pathfinder) by Nicolas Nino

Butcher by Pierrick Le Texier


Victorian Trophy Room by Brooke Routh

The Decline by James Micheal Roy Lester

Feature Animation

Amalfi Centenario by Isaac Zuren

Sabotage, Coup by Antoine El Khoury

Architecture Visualization

Canaveses Church by Ivan Ontiveros Ortiz

Game of the Year

Reverence by Benjamin Stefanyszyn, Jack Gathercole, Emily Britchford, and Chloe Britchford

Fusion by students from Objectif 3D Game Art & Design school in cooperation with ISTDS Montréal sound design school

Film of the Year

Hybrids by Florian Brauch, Matthieu Pujol, Kim Tailhades, Yohan Thireau and Romain Thirion

Reaper by Robin Aleno, Fabrice Léger, Patrice Louise, Bastien Machet, Florian Malchow

Goals by Alps Chikodikar

Yemanja by Frédéric Gaudin, Marceau Leger, Tanguy Lemonnier, Patrick Martini, Diana Nikitina, Flora Silve

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