Rosto Wins the Allegorithmic Visual Effects Prize at the Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival

Marine Caillault on February 15 2018 | Stories, News, Events

Allegorithmic took part in the 2018 Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival. We were invited to give the Special Effects prize of the Labo selection. Allegorithmic collaborators on all the sites (France, America, Asia) voted to decide on a preselection of short films. Then, a jury of experts, composed of Sébastien Deguy, Hervé de Crecy, François Alaux, Damien Hurgon, Davide Pesare, and Damien Climent decided on a winner.

We knew we had to rise to the occasion, so we decided to go all out, and prepare an exceptional prize.

First, we 3D printed a MAT figurine. MAT has been our mascot for a little while now.

Then we contacted a local Clermont-Ferrand artist, nokat. She took the festival's poster and deconstructed it to create the 2018 Allegorithmic & Clermont Ferrand Film Festival MAT!

Of course, this would not have been possible without the kind agreement of the Film Festival team, as well as Antoine Lopez and Isabelle Pio, creators of the original poster.

And it is with great pleasure that we can announce that this MAT prize now sits on Rosto’s coffee table!

Meet Rosto, the Director of Reruns

Rosto: "I’m the maker of the short film Reruns. It's the last part of a tetralogy of 4 musical films which are connected but don't share the same story arc. They’re based on the music of the group Thee Wreckers, a real band I used to be part of in the nineties, but that became a music project.

My production company (Studio Rosto A.D) was the main producer of this project, which was an international co-production between the Netherlands, Belgium, and France (Autour de Minuit Productions). My role was actually quite extensive as I was the director, the writer, the producer via my production company, and I was also responsible for putting together the team.The music is mine and the character is also me. So we can say I'm omnipresent on this project! As is usually the case with films like this, when it's not a great success the whole thing is my fault, but when it is a success I happily share the credit.

The world premiere was actually at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, where this film started its international tour. The Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival is the most prestigious short film festival in the world. All the smaller festivals go there to see what the new ‘harvest’ is in terms of new short films. And I consider this to be my last short film, as my next project is actually my first feature film!"

Courtesy of Studio Rosto A.D

"I was asked by the Clermont Film Festival to stick around for a bit at the closing ceremony. The atmosphere was really exciting. When I heard I’d won the VFX award, it was honestly not a total surprise as the hints were getting stronger and stronger. The nice thing about this is that you are able to collect your thoughts before the speech, as that can sometimes be an overwhelming surprise when you’re caught unprepared.

And of course I was very happy; a warm wave goes through your body when that happens. I thought the MAT statue was very cute. These awards have a bad reputation for being tremendously ugly. But this award stands here on my lunch table, where awards usually don't go; they usually disappear into a dark nook of the studio."

Substance and Rosto

"The production team in France has used Substance in the final scene as we see the dead band playing in a derelict Opera House. The whole building was textured with Substance. We used many different techniques as I make hybrid films. We had several different pipelines for all the different techniques, which was quite complicated and hectic to mix together."

"It was important to mix real shots and visual effects well. The story takes place in my dream city, which is a subterranean underworld where all my dreams blend into each other with memories. This creates a weird combination of different times, different places, and different characters; all these varying techniques definitely contribute to that feeling.

I want to thank the festival for not only giving Reruns but also the entire Thee Wreckers Tetralogy its world premiere! And of course a big heartfelt “merci” to the jury and Allegorithmic; Not only for their good taste but especially for recognizing the hard work and top-notch talent of my team. Post-production is usually a misunderstood and underrated part of filmmaking and this award shines a little light on these wizards."

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