Send Substance Source Assets to All Substance Software with the Updated Launcher

Cédric Marchessoux on August 22 2019 | Technology, News, Release

The Substance launcher is the place to keep up to date with everything Substance, including the latest news and releases, access Substance Source, tutorials, useful links and more. This latest update introduces a way to send materials directly from Substance Source to your favorite Substance tool.

Each software requires its own workflow, so we worked on this feature to make it smooth for each one of them: Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Project Substance Alchemist. We are working on extending it to any third party software in the Substance ecosystem that may benefit from it. Stay tuned :)

Thanks to this feature, the Substance launcher is more than ever becoming the portal for your texturing workflow!

Watch how it works in the video below:

Send a Substance Source material to Project Substance Alchemist:

The materials are sent to a special “Sent from Substance launcher” library.

Send a Substance Source material to Substance Painter:

Send a Substance Source material to Substance Designer:

In Substance Designer, you can directly send a .sbs file from the launcher!

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