Showcasing in Artstation from Substance Painter 2

Nicolas LIATTI on March 31 2016 | News, Software

When we were creating Substance Painter, we believed it was important to include features that allow artists to showcase their work. The reputations of digital artists are built on and around online communities, and we wanted to simplify sharing in these spaces.

In 2015 we introduced direct export to Sketchfab, which allowed users to show their 3D models with a 360-degree view. With Substance Painter 2, we wanted to introduce another feature that would simplify showcasing for users who depend on platforms for visibility.

Today, Artstation is the biggest website for artists to showcase portfolios. In the fall of 2015, we started working with the Artstation team on how we could simplify portfolio exports from Substance Painter.

The result in Substance Painter 2 is an Artstation integration that allows you to create a brand-new project with a click. It's now possible to create, render, and showcase your artwork within a single Substance Painter workflow.

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