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Substance in Autodesk VRED

Pierre Maheut on January 21 2019 | Technology, News, Software, Release, Design

We are happy to announce today the official support of Substance materials natively in Autodesk VRED 2019.3.

Autodesk VRED is probably one of the most popular software for automotive visualization around the globe. And we do love automotive visualization. So, we’ve been working together with the VRED team for a couple of months and we are happy to share with you the support of the Substance format within Autodesk VRED 2019.3, released today.

"Automotive designers heavily rely on high fidelity visuals to present their products. Substance materials in Autodesk VRED software deliver a unique realism and flexible experience that allow our customers to create highly customized and stunning looking materials that work across a variety of products. The extensive community and large material library offered with Substance Source allows designers to take their presentations and product visualizations to a new level," says Pascal Seifert, technical product manager, VRED, Autodesk

This support is coming for free and natively with VRED 2019.3. Within the VRED interface, you are able to load and change parameters from an .SBSAR Substance file. You can also access the material presets and create your own. Doing so, you have access to any materials created using Substance Designer: procedural, scan-based or hybrid.

From a technical point of view, VRED is integrating the latest version of the Substance Engine with both CPU and GPU mode for computation of the textures. You have the choice of the resolution from 32x 32 up to 8192 x 8192, allowing you to optimize your experience especially for VR.

Substance Source for Automotive + Autodesk VRED

Having Substance support in VRED allows you to use Substance Source and especially the Substance Source automotive selection within VRED: save a tremendous amount of time and use very high quality texturing (up to 8K).

“We created the automotive selection for Substance Source with Industrial Designers and Color and Trim Designers in mind. We partnered with material professionals in creating ready-to-use materials with dedicated parameters. Users can play with photorealistic materials in digital the same way they would do in a physical workshop, enhancing creative opportunities without getting your hands dirty!” Nicolas Paulhac, Content Creation Director.

With the Substance Source Automotive Selection of more than 700 materials dedicated to automotive design including car paints, wood, carbon fiber, and more. Bringing a full car model’s exterior and interior to life and making it look great in no-time has never been easier.

At every step of the project, the realism and the flexibility of Substance is here to help you. For instance, while you are still in the concept design phase, you can add details you haven’t modelized yet; a rim or a brake disk can appear from a flat plane:

Power to the user!

To do so, we want to thank our VRED and Substance users. You all helped us and advised us in this project: you made it all happen. The flexibility and freedom of textures, created in Substance Designer, then easily opened in VRED, will unleash the visualization 3D artist and Color & Trim Designer to propose more and with a higher level of realism - directly in 3D!

We are looking forward to seeing the results of their your work displayed on CG artist blogs, FB pages, etc... So keep us posted!

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