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Substance Days 2017 Keynote: Here Are This Year’s Biggest Announcements

Sebastien Deguy on July 29 2017 | Community, News, Events

I am especially excited about this second edition of the Substance Days Hollywood. Last year was a blast, and this year’s show was even more promising, with more attendees, more things to announce, and a lot of positive things that happened in a year. Following is a list of the announcements we made. We hope that you are as excited as we are about the road ahead!
– Sébastien

Livelink from Substance Painter to Unity

The scripting API has been updated to allow Substance Painter to transmit data continuously to 3rd party applications. Our first experiment with this new feature is a Unity plugin creating a Live Link between the engine and Substance Painter, allowing you to see the results of your texturing process in-game, in real-time!

You can get the plugin on Substance Share and soon on the Unity Asset Store. Then simply right-click your mesh and select “send to Unity” for the livelink to appear. No need to go back and forth anymore to see how your changes affect what you see in Unity!

Substance Automation Toolkit Revealed!

Welcome our newest member of the Substance family: Substance Automation Toolkit! More than a product, this toolkit allows you to automate your workflow using command line tools and brand new Python API for texturing massive amount of assets and cut iteration times.

Substance Automation Toolkit comes free with subscriptions to the Substance Indie plan and with Substance Designer Indie licenses while being paying for pro users.

Stay tuned, as more detailed information will be announced in a future blog post.

This 26 UDIM tile model has been procedurally textured using the Substance Automation Toolkit.

Substance Source in Unity

Get direct access to Substance Source in Unity. Download the assets you need from Substance Source directly to your Unity asset library and have them instantly available in your shelf.

Just hit the Substance Source button in the Unity interface for the Substance Source library to open in a new window! The plugin will be available on the Unity Asset Store in August.

Substance Source in Unreal Engine 4

Substance Source is also coming in Unreal Engine 4! Instantly access Substance Source and download your materials from a library of over 1000 materials. The plugin will be available on the UE4 Marketplace in August.

Substance Painter 2017.2 - Layer Linking in Substance Painter

Substance Painter 2017.2 introduces Anchors, a smart new way to take advantage of the non-linear nature of Substance Painter and create even more advanced material and effects.

Other features in this release include new scripting options, new filters, and an overall performance boost. Get more details in our blogpost.

AxF Support in Substance Designer

Soon, you will be able to import AxF files in Substance Designer by using dedicated SBS and MDL templates for scan post-processing. Create hybrid materials by adding procedural parameters on top of your scans.

This is just one step of bigger developments to make scan workflows with Substance easier and smoother. Find out more.

New After School Offer

As announced at last year’s keynote, we’ve made licenses for Substance products completely free for students and teachers alike.

In the continuity of this fair pricing system, we decided to offer the Substance monthly plan at half-price for $9.95/month during the first year after graduation. Expect this to be available in August.

MeetMAT art book

The Meet MAT 3D Painting Contest was a huge and unexpected success, with over 1200 entries and a quality level that had us rethink the rules! We just had to gather the best creations in a single, ultimate MAT art book.

Substance Source

As you may have noticed, we are thoroughly developing Substance Source. Besides integrations in Substance Painter, Unity and Unreal Engine 4, our aim is to expand the material library by adding content on a regular bases.

Consisting of more than 1000 materials, recent drops include 150 textile materials, ground and environment materials, sportswear textiles and a printed patterns drop for textile materials. More is coming, including new “signature content” created by top-notch artists from the industry.

New Mattershots + Substance Designer Contest

After MeetMAT, the next contest will be about the combination of Mattershots and Substance Designer. It will be launched in September, so stay tuned ;)

New Research and Development Prototypes

Among many things, Allegorithmic is currently conducting research on high-quality real-time lighting and shadowing, automatic UV mapping, interactive surface seaming and artificial intelligence for materials

ArtStation Partnership

ArtStation being one of our long-standing partners, we are thrilled to announce that for every subscription to the Substance Indie monthly plan, you will soon get a free two-month Artstation Pro account! With an ArtStation Pro account, you can:

  • Use your own domain name
  • Customize your portfolio page with premium themes
  • Unlimited bandwidth, pages and projects
  • Appear at the top of searches
  • Get a Pro badge

Allegorithmic Is Hiring!

Of course while not being a major announcement, this is just a reminder that Allegorithmic is hiring. Check all the job openings here!

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