Substance Days Keynote Announcements & Stage Sessions

Claudia Vance on July 26 2016 | News, Software, Game, Film/VFX, Events

It's a wrap! The first edition of Substance Days ended this past Saturday after a 3-day whirlwind of Masterclasses, Substance art, conference sessions led by industry all-stars and Allegorithmic team members, plus a look at what's ahead for the community. 

Thank You!

During this first edition of Substance Days, we welcomed over 300 community members in person at Gnomon


It was a ton of fun for everyone involved, and moreover, it was a human experience. We were honored to meet you in person and wowed by the great things you're doing with Substance. Community has always been the magic ingredient of Substance, and this whole adventure wouldn't exist without the rock-solid presence that has been there since Day 1.


We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated and supported this brand-new event, as well as our awesome partners: ArtStation, Gnomon, Pixologic, SideFX, Sketchfab and Wacom. We can't wait to do it again and hope you'll join us for the next one! 



What's Ahead for Substance

Two years ago, we couldn't have imagined that over 85% of AAA studios would be using Substance for games today, and that we would start taking our first steps into other industries like VFX and animation. The Substance community is rapidly growing in numbers and in needs, with users from a growing number of fields using Substance to do amazing things, and more educational institutions than ever including Substance in their official programs. 


As you grow and stretch the possibilities of Substance even further, we want to grow with you by offering products and services designed for the new and exciting things you are doing with Substance. 


This is why we made three major announcements during last Friday's keynote (view the full keynote below). 


The livestreamed stage sessions are available for viewing below the keynote video and announcements. 


We're proud to announce that Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Substance B2M will become entirely free for students, for personal use, starting on August 4th, 2016. Teachers may also request their free personal license, and can also continue to benefit from Academic pricing to equip their school's lab/campus by contacting us. We believe that students should have access to the best tools at no cost and join our community to help us shape the future of digital art.


Substance Live will soon include a massive amount of high-quality content at no additional cost. We have partnered with selected producers to provide thousands of professional assets to all Substance Live subscribers. For $19.90 per month, subscribers will have access to the latest versions of Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Substance B2M and dozens of assets to download every month from a huge database of production-ready content. 


As announced in the keynote, Substance Painter alone was launched over 1.1 million times between April 1 and June 30, 2016. The number of people learning and using Substance products is greater than ever, as is the need for tutorials and training. To help users everywhere learn Substance inside out, Substance Academy will launch on the Allegorithmic website in the near future. This free online learning resource will feature tutorials, videos, assets and more for users at all levels who want to learn Substance at their own pace. 


Capturing data via 3D scanning or photogrammetry has now become a mature technique. Numerous initiatives are underway at Allegorithmic to streamline the management and processing of scanned data within the Substance toolset. We are currently working with a number of partners and clients to make this workflow as seamless as possible. You can see a demo (from the keynote) below: 


In addition to the Masterclasses and keynote, Substance Days featured a full day of conference sessions from Substance pros and the Allegorithmic team. 


Substance Painter Latest and Greatest

Learn about the newly released Substance Painter 2.2's improvements and features: shelf search, projection preview, bakers scripting and the brand-new Material Layering feature in a session by Substance community manager Wes McDermott. 

Uncharted 4 Environment Art with Substance 

Naughty Dog texture artist Rogelio Olguin gives an inside look at creating Uncharted 4 environment art with Substance. 

Character Art for Film 

Blur Studio CG artist Léo Ribeyrolles talks about using Substance for film work. 

Presenting Substance Designer 5.5

Allegorithmic's Chief Product Officer Jérôme Derel presents Substance Designer 5.5 and gives an extensive overview of its new material authoring capabilities, which can be used to create multi-layered materials like car paint.

Character Art with Zbrush and Substance Painter 

Senior character artist Glauco Longhi demonstrates using Zbrush and Substance Painter to create character art. 

Designing Vehicles and Weapons in a PBR Workflow

Naughty Dog technical artist Christophe Desse talks about how texturing workflows have evolved over the years, and about using Substance Painter and Substance Designer to design vehicles and weapons from Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 according to PBR best practices. 

Road Map and Q&A with the Substance Community 

Allegorithmic founder and CEO Sébastien Deguy, executive vice president Alexis Khouri, community manager Wes McDermott and technical artist/product manager Jérémie Noguer present an overview of the Substance roadmap and take questions from the community. 

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