Substance Designer 5.5 Is Here

Claudia Vance on August 25 2016 | News, Software

This version takes texture creation into the big leagues with MDL material authoring – opening up a whole new world of materials – plus Linux support, fbx camera import and support for VCA. This is a free upgrade for license holders and Substance Live subscribers, or you can get a free 30-day trial version. 

Download SD 5.5

MDL Material Authoring 


Big news: It's now possible to create beautiful, multi-layered MDL materials with Substance Designer! NVIDIA's universal Material Definition Language has been supported since version 5.3, but the authoring capabilities in 5.5 make Substance Designer an industry first – a texture creation tool that can be used for authoring MDL materials.


All artist and designers can benefit from this new feature, which lets you combine your tweakable Substances into MDL materials in a material editor interface, or start from scratch – no coding required. 


For the first time, you can create a whole range of materials with realistic transparencies, including multi-layered materials like skin and car paint with realistic effects such as flakes, sub-surface scattering and anisotropy. If you missed our use case about creating materials for the Hyundai Genesis 380, it's a good example of the new things that are possible with material authoring.  




Car Paint

Even better, the MDL materials you create with Substance Designer will later be shareable with many 3D applications giving great material consistency across different software's renderers. Today this includes Iray (which is available as a plugin for Maya, 3DS Max and Cinema4D) and will later extend to V-Ray, Octane, Redshift and Adobe software. 


Get up to speed with the material authoring workflow with a new tutorial, or if you're an advanced user, learn how to create MDL car paint:

Linux Support


With this new version, penguins will definitely love summertime! After Substance Painter, we are proud to announce that Substance Designer is now available for Linux. You can now benefit from the power of Substance regardless of your operating system. 

Fbx Camera View Import


Now you can import your camera views in fbx format from any software package and be sure that you always have the same view in Substance Designer with consistent focus, focal length and settings. See your imported cameras in list format and switch easily from one to another. 

Quadro VCA Support 


Substance Designer now supports NVIDIA's Quadro VCA, significantly decreasing render time. 




Dive into the features on the Substance Designer page, and check out the release note to get details on improvements and bug fixes. 

New Tutorial Videos for Beginners


If you're new to Substance Designer and want to master the basics, this 3-part series will take you through the steps of creating a base material from start to finish: 


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