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Substance in Modo: Improved Workflow and Productivity

Galen Helfter on August 16 2018 | Technology, Release, Integrations

Fellow Modonauts, we are excited to announce a new update to Substance in Modo. In this release, we have focused on workflow and productivity to further enhance the power of Substance within Modo. Simply put, you can work simpler, easier and faster.

32-bit Float Support

Substance material outputs now support 32-bit float so you can render high-quality displacement from height.

glTF / Principled shader support

We now default to the Principled Shading Model for the material. Using the principled mode, you can work directly with metallic/roughness outputs without the need to do any conversions in the shader tree. We also added support for Modo’s glTF Custom Material.

Presets and Relative Pathing

We created a new UI for loading and saving presets, along with the ability to read embedded presets in the Substance files. Your Modo projects using Substance materials are now easier to open and share thanks to the Substance files being saved with a relative path.

And more workflow improvements

In this release, the plugin now supports the LPK format for Kits. Simply drag and drop the LPK into Modo to install the Substance plugin. We’ve also added a new Substance Kit menu to access global preferences.

With the Substance Engine, both the GPU and CPU engines get a bump in resolution. The CPU engine now supports 4K and you can output up to 8K with the GPU engine. Yes!

And finally, we have some great news for Linux users: the Substance in Modo plugin now supports Linux!

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