Substance Painter 2

Allegorithmic on March 16 2016 | News, Software

Substance Painter 2 is now available for purchase on our website, or for users who already have a Substance Painter 1 license on your upgrade page.



As a treat, users who purchase Substance Painter 2 before April 15th will receive a free Moodpack (value: $49) from the new Substance Store (The coupon for the Moodpack will be sent within a week’s time). Substance Store is a new place for you to find content from curated vendors and is making its first appearance today.

You can get a glimpse of the Moodpacks here.

Substance Painter 2 contains the following new features:

- Iray Path Tracer integration for advanced rendering and screenshot capability
- New Smart Masks for creating and using your own mesh-adaptive mask presets
- New Clone tool, non destructive, for copying and pasting parts of texture
- New Smudge tool, non destructive, for blending and spreading colors
- Ability to chain and composite substances

- New content in the shelf: alphas, tools, materials, smart materials, and more

- New interface with reworked colors, icons, and parameter organization
- New Orthographic view mode and Perspective Field of View control
- New Fullscreen mode with interface toggling
- Full support for the Specular/Glossiness PBR workflow

- Scripting I/O

- Non-PBR shader and template

- Full support of height & normal workflow


There is much more to this release, and you can find all details in the full release note. We will also soon be unveiling the Shader Visualization feature and launching a Linux version beta (most likely in April). Learn how to use the new features in our new Substance Painter 2 tutorials.


Substance Painter 2 is available for $149 (Indie)/$590 (Pro), or $75 (Indie)/$400 (Pro) to upgrade.

Substance Painter 2 will be released early next week on Steam (out of our control). If you are a Steam user, you can transfer your account on the Allegorithmic website if you want to upgrade, and you will get a Steam key afterwards.

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