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Substance Painter 2018 Spring Update - Improved baking, UI and Save System

Jeremie Noguer on June 12 2018 | Technology, Substance Painter, Software

The Substance Painter 2018 Spring update brings a bunch of improvements, fixes and tweaks based on the ample community feedback we received following the 2018 Spring release a few months ago. Here is a breakdown of this latest update.

Improved Baking Speed

We've started an extensive rework of our bakers, and this release marks the first step of this effort with a significant improvement of the baking speed - up to 5 times faster, especially with heavy meshes. Work on the bakers is continuing, with promising results already. So expect even faster and better bakes later this year.

Improved Save System

We heard your feedback about saves and large project file sizes so we've rewritten the save system and made it more transparent. On top of being more robust and crash-free, you can now choose between fast iterative saves that tend to make your files larger, and slower but more compact saves.

Updated Sliders

Even though the overall feedback on the new UI Style introduced in the 2018 Spring update has been very positive, there were a few things missing, especially when it came to sliders. The option to control the slider values with the keyboard arrows is back and all sliders now have a "precision" mode activated when pressing the Shift key. Grayscale and Color sliders have also been modified to be more readable.

Updated Plugin API

Plugins shipped with Substance Painter now use the new UI style and custom plugin creators can now take full advantage of the new Substance Painter widgets.

Improved Padding now Optional

With the 2018 Spring update, we introduced a new padding process (3D Space Neighbor padding) that does wonders when hand-painting details across seams. It seems this method may sometimes cause unwanted padding with workflows where little painting is involved and instead ID and polygon masking is very important. To remedy to this situation, the user can select which padding to use on a per-Texture Set basis: UV Space Neighbor padding or 3D Space Neighbor padding.

And last but certainly not least: Substance Painter is now in Chinese!

Substance Painter now features a fully translated Chinese interface:

We are working towards adding support for more languages going forward. Expect more in the future!

Substance Source Plugin Fix

Some of you may experience issues with the Substance Source plugin, specifically the Search function. While the next Substance Painter update will include a fix, you can already download a fix for the plugin in the Spring update below:

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