Substance Painter 2.1 Is Here

Jeremie Noguer on June 2 2016 | News, Software

You’ve been waiting for it: the first major update to Substance Painter 2 since its release this past March is here. We’ve been hard at work developing the features that open Substance Painter to new uses (think animation and VFX) including Linux availability, 8K map exports, support for high-dpi (4K) monitors, and UDIM workflow management.



Linux Support

You asked for it and it’s finally here: Substance Painter is now available for Linux, both on SteamOS and as a standalone! This brings Substance Painter one step closer to smoothly integrating into most of the animation and VFX pipelines out there.

High-definition visuals

Substance Painter now supports high-dpi (4K) monitors, and this higher ​*screen*​ resolution means better quality and comfort of use.

This release also includes support for 8K map export (per TextureSet). We are still working on a more integrated 8K workflow, but have included it in this version so that you can start experimenting with it.

UDIM workflow management

With Substance Painter 2.1, you now have the ability to import a UDIM-based asset in Substance Painter, which converts each tile to a separate texture set. A new picking method allows you to quickly select the UDIM you want to work on in the viewport and new export presets let you export the results while keeping the UDIM format and naming conventions for a seamless workflow between Substance Painter and other UDIM enabled tools and renderers.

Community Manager Wes McDermott shows you how in this tutorial:

Note: Wes used Arnold for the render. Existing documentation for the Substance Painter–to–Arnold workflow has been updated. Find it here.



Start Using Substance Painter 2.1 Now

If you already have a Substance Painter 2 license or a paid subscription to Substance Live, you can start using this update right away.

If you don’t already have a license, you can try out Substance Painter 2.1 with a 30-day free trial.



Release Note 


- [UDIM] Import UDIM Tiles from a mesh as Texture Sets
- [Linux] Added support for CentOS 6.6 and Ubuntu 12.4
- [Export] Add 8K resolution (experimental)
- [Export] Allow to choose the bit depth during the export
- [Baker] Allow to bake multiple texture sets at once
- Support high resolution monitors (High DPI scaling)
- [Scripting] Set custom resolution and padding per texture at export
- [Viewport] Allow to switch between texture set by clicking on the mesh (via Ctrl+Alt+Click)
- [Viewport] Go where the mouse cursor is when zooming with the mouse wheel
- [UI] Update default background color and environment map display
- [UI] Add tooltips with original names for User channels
- [UI] Change background color for channels that can't be renamed
- [Tool] Remove checkers when using the quick mask
- [Shader] Allow to define groups for shader parameters and materials/masks
- [Engine] Optimization of small size stamping
- [Stencil] Add "W" as shortcut to temporarily toggle the mask
- [Shelf] Add a cross button to clear the search field
- [Shelf] Load Alpha with a single click
- [Shelf] New export preset : Vray UDIM, Arnold UDIM, Spec/Gloss from Metal/Rough
- [Shelf] New alphas : geometric shapes, veins and signs
- Add name and version in the properties of Substance Painter executable
- [Substance] Impossible to use the normal channel and additional map at the same time
- [Iray] MDL refraction and absorption setting don't work
- [Iray] Original scene scale is not preserved
- [Shelf] Specular/Glossiness template use an incorrect shader
- [Export] Default export preset doesn't export some maps (like AO)
- [Viewport] Pivot point doesn't update when clicking outside the UVs in the 2D View
- [UI] Slider values are rounded
- [UI] Sometimes when editing sliders values there is a very small free space
- [New Project] Template dropdown list is not correctly updated (from 1.x to 2.x)
- [Scripting] Fixed "hover" behavior on custom buttons
- [Mac] Undoing on an empty project locks the camera
Known Issues:
- Crash report is not available on Ubuntu

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