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Substance Painter 2.2 Is Here

Jeremie Noguer on July 21 2016 | News, Software

Substance Painter 2.2 has arrived! This version includes the new Material Layering feature as well as improvements to shelf search, projection painting, new scripting capabilities and updated mask generators. 

Download SP 2.2



Shelf Search

The first step in our shelf makeover is a new way to search for assets in the shelf and in the mini-shelves. A comprehensive list of tags along with a fuzzy search algorithm makes finding the right asset much easier across the board. A lot of other shelf improvements are underway for the next few releases. 

Projection preview
You can now choose which channel is used for the projection overlay, allowing you to visualize the most useful channel when projecting decals or skin details, for example. 


Bakers scripting 

The scripting API has been expanded to allow scripting of the baking process, taking Substance Painter a step closer to being fully automatable. 


And there's more; see the full release note


Community Manager Wes McDermott takes you on a tour of the new version in this overview:

New Feature: Material Layering 

We referred to Material Layering in a previous blogpost, and it's now available as a full-fledged feature. With Material Layering, you can now visualize complex shaders on your asset directly in Substance Painter for highly accurate views of in-engine results and extreme material definition!


With a few simple tags inserted in the shader, Substance Painter automatically generates a custom user interface for easy material blending and mask painting.


The resulting masks are automatically exported along with a description file of which materials were blended and how, making them readable by any engine and converted into working materials. 


To accompany this first build, we are releasing a sample project as well as a Unity plugin and an Unreal Engine 4 shader on Substance Share, allowing you to easily transfer the results from Substance Painter to Unity 5.3 and Unreal Engine 4. Make sure to read the readme file included in the packages for instructions on how to use this new feature! A plugin for Unreal Engine 4 is also in the works and will be available at a later date. 


Keep in mind that this is a first release and we have more plans to improve and expand the Material Layering system to offer even more flexibility in the future. 

Plugin for Unity 5.3

Shader for Unreal Engine 4

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