Substance Painter and Snap's Lens Studio Join Forces for the Rubber Ducky Challenge

Claudia V on March 21 2018 | Community, Substance Painter, News, Events

Earlier this year, Substance Painter stepped into the realm of AR when Snap announced full support for the 3D painting tool in its Lens Studio. Now, put it into action with a new contest brought to you by Allegorithmic and Snapchat: The Rubber Ducky Challenge!


The contest is hosted by Snap, and open to the residents of the following countries: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Japan, Germany

Step 1: Download the Rubber Ducky model and the Lens package from the main contest page. The project is already set up!

Step 2: Personalize Rubber Ducky's texture in Substance Painter.

Step 3: Import your custom textures into the Lens Studio project. Need some help getting started? Have a look at the handy Challenge Guide.

Step 4: Submit to the Snap challenge page by April 9, 2018 at 9 am PST!


Entering the Challenge is easy – everything you need is right here!

– A free 30-day trial of Substance Painter

– Snap’s Lens Studio

– The project template provided in the package on the challenge page

– The Ducky Challenge Guide with complete instructions for setting up your lens

Substance logos/watermarks (optional – for posting your WIPs or images on portfolio sites or social networks)

– The Substance Painter to Lens Studio tutorial

Dates & Submissions

The contest kicks off on Wednesday, March 21 at 9 am PST and closes on Monday, April 9 at 9 am PST. Winners will be announced on Thursday, April 19.

Valid submissions will include at least:

  • A beauty shot of your Ducky in Substance Painter
  • A screenshot or short video of the Lens in action on your smartphone
  • Your Lens’s Snapcode


Winners will be decided by jury and announced on April 19, 2018.

The jury will judge the entries on the following set of criteria:

  • Artistic qualities
  • Execution and technique
  • Originality

Jury members

From Allegorithmic:
Sébastien Deguy – Founder and CEO
Damien Bousseau – Technical Artist
Jeremie Noguer – Product Manager for Substance Painter
Fabrice Piquet – Product Designer and Technical Artist

From Snap:
Nathan Boyd – Product Designer, Snapchat
Lidiya Bogdanovych – Manager, Lens Design
Travis Chen – Manager, Camera Platform Engineering
Rylee Ebsen – Director, Creative Media
Jeff Miller – Director, Creative Strategy
Bobby Murphy – Co-Founder of Snap


Prizes will be awarded to two winners, one inside the United States and one international winner. Both winners will receive:


  • Allegorithmic
  • Snap, Inc.

About Lens Studio

Lens Studio by Snap Inc. launched in December 2017 as a simple but powerful Mac and Windows desktop app open for the community to design and build their own Snapchat Lenses.

With the release of Lens Studio, developers, creators, and brands have many of the same tools Snap designers have to create and distribute their very own Snapchat augmented reality experiences. With Lens Studio, Snap is making augmented reality creation more accessible and the experiences within Snapchat more diverse.

The Lens Studio is designed for a wide range of creators to get started with AR on Snapchat -- from 2D designers to 3D modellers and animators. It also provides a scripting API to allow developers to code their own interactive experience.

The tool includes templates and tutorials to get you started, an easy way to submit your creation to Snap, and a near seamless way start sharing your creation with any Snapchatter -- no matter the device they are on. In essentially three steps, developers, artists, and any creative can build their experience, submit it, and then share it with your community to use on Snapchat.

Since launching the Lens Studio tool in December 2017, over 30,000 Lenses have been created by the Snapchat community, viewed over one billion times.

About Substance Painter

Substance Painter is the Substance suite’s painting software. It aims to take texturing to the next level, with features giving you full control on your creative output.

With its non-destructive workflow, you can work in low-definition and get a 4K output, or change any part of the texturing without shifting the rest of your work.

You can apply smart materials - materials with a certain number of customizable preset, either constructed in Substance Designer or downloaded from Substance Source. Smart masks help you bring the realistic texturing into the world of life-like, with dust, rust, scratches, and the like.

Substance Painter’s recent overhaul has given to software a wide viewport and minimalistic interface, allowing artists to focus on their assets – and the art of painting.

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