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Substance Painter: Introducing Layer Instances

Jeremie Noguer on November 21 2017 | Technology, Substance Painter, News, Software

As 3D content gets more complex, more and more projects require multiple texture sets – sometimes dozens of them. On Thursday November 23, Layer Instances will make working on these complex assets fast and effortless. For a complete walkthrough, join us tomorrow Wednesday, November 22 for a livestream. We'd like to thank 5518 Studios for providing the Mammoth asset used throughout this blogpost and the videos!

Reminder: This is the first feature update requiring Substance Painter 2.x Indie licensees to upgrade their license. Luckily, our annual Black Friday sales are upon us! Stay tuned and check back starting Thursday morning for monster sales on all the Substance products including upgrades!

Layer Instances

The new Layer Instances feature lets you share the content of one or several layers across multiple texture sets. This means that different texture sets can now share a single unified layer stack, reducing dramatically the time spent on the look development phase when working on complex assets. The feature is flexible enough so that you can share the full layer stack or only specific layers and folders, giving you the ability to increase productivity while still maintaining good performance on large projects.

For game developers, this means new ways to texture by removing the barrier of texture sets and allowing you to work on multi-material assets in a unified way, no more copy-pasting materials from one piece of armor to the other.

For Visual Effects and Animation artists, this means Substance Painter gets one step closer to your usual UDIM based workflow and allows you to iterate faster on multi-tile assets.

Please note that although Layer Instances are a great way to apply material, smart materials and effects across multiple tiles, painting on Instanced Layers will still be bound to the current Texture Set. That's a limitation we are working on lifting in the near future.

Updated Live-Link Plugin with Unreal Engine 4 Support!

The Substance Painter Live-Link plugin has been updated and now supports both Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

All you have to do is update your UE4 Substance plugin from the Epic Marketplace. Right-click on any mesh in your Content Browser and click the "Send to Substance Painter" item in the list (make sure Substance Painter is already running in the background).

A live-link will be created between the two apps and anything you do in Substance Painter will automatically be reflected in your Unreal Engine 4 project. When saving, your Painter project file will be saved in your Unreal project, letting you send the model back to Substance Painter at any time during production and iterate while avoiding the time-consuming export and import steps.

Tip: If you have an asset on which you already started working in Substance Painter, launch the live link from the corresponding mesh in UE4 and save the "empty" Painter project it creates. Navigate to your UE4 project directory and find the .spp folder. Replace the Substance Painter project you'll find there by the more advanced one you already have. Launch the live link again: your UE4 asset will now be linked to your advanced Substance Painter project and the textures will automatically update.

New Content

This new version of Substance Painter includes 20 new procedural materials which go from classic chainmails to plastic patterns and wood materials. A load of additional variations can be created for unique and custom content in any project.

This release also adds 40 new grunge maps, expanding the ranges of possibilities for creating more complex and realistic materials. Some of these grunges are also procedural, which also allows for creation of new variations.

We would like to thank Clément Feuillet and Nicolas Longchamps for allowing us to license their content for this new version.

Sketchfab Exporter Improvements

The Sketchfab Exporter has been updated to allow draft publishing, letting you iterate on the same project rather than creating a new one with each export.

As usual, this release also comes with its share of bug fixes and other minor improvements. The full list will be available here when the new update is released on Thursday.

Black Friday Sales Are Coming!

As a reminder, 2017.4 is the first feature update requiring Substance Painter 2.x Indie licensees to upgrade their license.

During Black Friday, current license owners can switch to Substance and get access to the latest from Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Substance Source for $9.95/month for 6 months instead of the regular $19.90/month or add 12 months of maintenance to your existing stand-alone license for a one-time fee of $49 instead of $75.

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