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Substance Painter + Marvelous Designer: Clothing Texturing with Saeid Rezaee

Pierre Bosset on August 30 2018 | Substance Painter, Stories, 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer, Design

I am Saeid Rezaee Pour. I live in Rasht, a beautiful city in the north of Iran. I work as a freelance 3D artist and I have expertise in modeling and texturing, clothing design, hair grooming, and architectural visualization.

When I was a child, I got to play the Atari 2600. I found it really wonderful, and I was super-excited to be able to play it. I profoundly enjoyed computer games up until 1995, when I saw a 3D animated feature film for the first time - Toy Story. My thoughts and dreams took shape with the Toy Story characters. It was an encouraging moment for me; there and then I decided to learn how to create animation, and I chose my future job.

And this wasn’t just a child’s dream. I’ve been working in the CG industry for about 15 years. Currently, I'm working freelance, but I’m also building a good portfolio for future job opportunities.

Art by Saeid Rezaee
Art by Saeid Rezaee

My main jobs to date have been 3D architecture visualization for an Australian company (Archotech), 3D character modeling for Dream Farm Group, and VFX supervisor on movies such as Kati and Setareh for Rash, an Iranian company, and on television series for Farhad film company, in Iran.

This is my childhood dream and I would like to work with filmmakers, as well as game and animation companies. One day, I hope to fulfill my goals.

My Workflow

The first time I saw several renders done by 3D artists on ArtStation using Substance, I became eager to learn this software. As soon as I got some free time, I started learning thanks to the Allegorithmic YouTube channel.

Basically, I use 3ds Max for modeling, ZBrush for additional details, and Marvelous Designer for clothing. Before I learned Substance Painter, I used ZBrush for painting. But now I use Substance Painter (Multilayer, generator, alpha and hand paint) as the processing speed and quality of the materials is better.

Art by Saeid Rezaee

Parkour Girl Project

I decided to work on clothing, and I did this with Marvelous Designer. Because of my personal interest in parkour and sports clothes, I selected this one; I was particularly drawn to the mesh of the girl because of the special relationship between the body and clothing. My main challenge for this project has been to make the clothing in a perfectly real shape, as well as to make realistic materials for the clothing.


Step 1 - Make the patterns in Marvelous Designer. In this case, I then created a final position for the clothes. (Tip: I used a Marvelous Designer avatar in my project)

Step 2 - Export low- and high-resolution model to 3ds Max.

Art by Saeid Rezaee

Step 3 - Unwrap the model in 3ds Max and make UDIMs.

Art by Saeid Rezaee

Step 4 - Smooth the model, and carry out secondary edit in ZBrush.

Art by Saeid Rezaee

Step 5 - Bake maps for all objects in Substance Painter (for example, sleeves).

Art by Saeid Rezaee

Step 6 - Create maps and materials for all objects in Substance Painter.

Art by Saeid Rezaee

Step 7 - Render test in Substance Painter.

Step 8 - Assign material to model in 3ds Max.

Art by Saeid Rezaee

Step 9 - Create Vray light studio in 3ds Max.

Art by Saeid Rezaee

What I learned

Parkour Girl is my second biggest personal project to date that I’ve created with Substance Painter. I’d already gained some basic experience creating fabrics from my first big project in Substance; in the Parkour Girl project, I tried to combine fabric layers, and I tested various materials and maps to get the model render. In this project, I discovered that it is possible to create new details and wrinkles on textiles by using Smart Materials in Substance.

I'm currently working on a personal project, and it will be finished very soon. It's called Wine Salesman. Its style is fantasy and stylized, colorful and happy, with all of these colors and textures made by my lovely Substance Painter.

Art by Saeid Rezaee
Art by Saeid Rezaee
Art by Saedi Rezaee

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