Substance Share

Sebastien Deguy on September 14 2015 | News, Software, Content

Dear Friends,

We would like to make a very exciting announcement: the release of Substance Share, the free exchange platform for the Substance community.

In the past year especially, many of you have already been sharing content online. With Substance Share, you now have a dedicated platform for this; users of Substance Painter and Substance Designer will be able to upload (directly from the tools) and download free brushes, materials, filters, effects, images, meshes and more. Substance Share will become your go-to library for content created by the community and also Allegorithmic.

From a legal standpoint, we wanted to do something fair and simple, so we picked the Creative Commons "Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International" license. This means, in human language, that all assets uploaded on Substance Share will be free of charge, and will be shareable and adaptable for any purpose, even commercially.

Substance Share is open to anyone with an account (login with your usual ID's), so you can now start downloading, uploading, rating, commenting, or to put it simply: make texturing an even more fun and social experience! And as a starter, Allegorithmic and a few Substance power users have already shared some pretty amazing content :)

So, my call today is to invite you to get involved in this new community, and help us turn Substance Share into one of the cornerstones of the Substance ecosystem.

We hope you enjoy it!

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