Substance Source: Now You Can Open and Edit Graphs

Nicolas Paulhac on February 13 2017 | Technology, Substance Designer, Substance Source

Take your place in the driver's seat! Tomorrow, February 14, the editable .sbs files of 347 of Allegorithmic’s materials will be available for download on Substance Source, available exclusively through Substance Live. This is your chance to discover the mechanics beneath the surface of Substance!

A .sbs file is the heart of any Substance texture. Inside Substance Designer, you will be able to view how we have created hundreds of materials from the Substance Source library. You’ll be able to make adjustments to the graph and the nodes that drive the material outputs and expand the possibilities of variations of a material.

Substance Source, our new physically based material library, is accessible through the Substance Live plan, which gives you access to all the latest versions of Substance tools including Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Substance B2M, plus monthly content downloads from Substance Source.

The idea behind releasing the .sbs files in Substance Source is that texture designers should not be limited by the presets available within the .sbsar files. The graph’s fully adaptive structure gives you the opportunity to make any changes and transformations you need beyond the original setups. From modification of a few nodes to making new textures from a graph template, you don’t have to create new materials from scratch.

It’s our way of making our Substance Source content open source :)

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