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The Substance Team Joins the Adobe Family: An Update

substance on March 15 2019 | Community, News

Hello friends,

Now that the dust has settled from Adobe’s acquisition of Allegorithmic, we want to give you an update and address many of your questions about the future of Substance.

First off, Substance is here to stay and ready to grow! Our early meetings with Adobe teams and executives have shown that we share the same drive to create tools that empower digital artists. If anything, we are more excited now than we were two months ago, as we’ve started working closely with our new Adobe colleagues to plan ambitious new projects and developments.

Our commitment to the gaming and visual effects markets will remain central to our future strategy. You will see this commitment manifest itself in our upcoming releases, which will include innovative new tools and features long requested by the community.

Since the acquisition, we’ve heard lots of questions from our community about licensing and pricing. Our goal with licensing and pricing has always been to be fair to everyone and we’re continuing that philosophy. We're planning to introduce new offerings late this year, but until then, our licensing and pricing structure will not change.

These future offerings will be primarily subscription-based, but we will continue to offer indie perpetual licenses. We believe that when the content and services offered in a subscription package evolve and improve at a steady pace, the subscription model is the best way for us to innovate fast, continuously improve your tools, and bring you more value.

Finally, the Substance team is here to stay! The same people you know from Allegorithmic are still here, and the connection we’ve built over the years will remain. Our mission is to thrive and conquer, and we are as passionate as ever, only now with more resources to drive our innovation.

To help us achieve that mission, we are looking to hire new talent at all our offices, including the new one in San Francisco. If you are interested in becoming part of that new adventure and want to join the team, please contact us. We need your help to invent the future of 3D & immersive creation!

The Substance team

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