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Substance in Unity 2.1.0: Mobile Support And More

Wes McDermott on October 4 2018 | Technology, Release, Integrations

Mobile content creators, rejoice! Substance in Unity now gives you the ability to work with Substance materials on projects for iOS and Android. This update to the Substance in Unity plugin also brings you a simpler update process and a wider scope for scripting.

Mobile Support

With Unity 2.1.0, you can now use Substance materials within your mobile projects with publishing support for both iOS and Android platforms.

Substance plugin update process

The Unity 2.1.0 update greatly improves the plugin update and project upgrade processes.

The Substance plugin update process is now as simple as importing the new plugin. No deleting or re-importing assets is required.

Upgrading projects from 2017 to 2018 has been reduced to 3 simple steps, which is down from 11 steps in previous versions.

Scripting improvements

Based on user feedback, we’ve added a scripting Define symbol to benefit other plugins that want to support the Substance API.

Using a Define symbol, you can encapsulate all code specific to the Substance plugin inside #if #endif. This allows the source code, which requires access to the Substance API, to be compiled only if the Substance plugin is installed for the project.

We’ve also added ListInputs() to list input parameters in a Substance graph as well as a function to get the generated textures using GetGeneratedTextures().

As always, we value your feedback, and hope you will let us know how we can consistently improve your workflow. Let us know!

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