Texturing Uncharted 4: a matter of Substance

Alexis Khouri on February 16 2016 | News, Stories, Game

We are proud to reveal the close (and kind of secret) relationship we've had with Naughty Dog for the past 3 years :)

Indeed they are nearing the release of the biggest Substance game project ever made: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. To celebrate, 4 artists from the team will be joining us at our GDC booth to talk about their work and show some exclusive material!

Allegorithmic is also sponsoring a conference session entitled "Texturing Uncharted 4: a matter of Substance". In this session, Naughty Dog artists Bradford Smith and Rogelio Olguin will give a brief overview of the Substance toolset, and talk about the goals and evolution of the studio's Substance pipeline. The talk will focus on Naughty Dog's take on procedural workflows and how Substance streamlined material and asset creation. From the adoption of PBR, to content management, Substance was able to complement Naughty Dog's unique workflow while ensuring AAA quality for the most ambitious Uncharted game to date. Sebastien Deguy, CEO and Founder of Allegorithmic, will also shed a light on the future of Substance and the new frontier of material creation.

The shots below are only a small preview of the immense and beautiful game that is Uncharted 4...

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