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Watch Dogs 2: A Game with Substance

Allegorithmic on December 1 2016 | Stories, News, Game

With an average of 85% on Metacritic, Watch Dogs 2 is the sequel of the original Watch Dogs that truly builds and expands the concept of the game into a massive, living open-world. What could be one of the most fun games of the year on consoles and PC as well is also a great achievement for us: the Substance tools have been used extensively to create it.

In the meantime, and while you may or may not be busy enjoying the game, we can't help but share a selection of some of the best comments from the press.


I came out with Watch Dogs 2 being one of my most anticipated games this year."



“Watch Dogs 2 provid[es] lots of stellar opportunities for players to hack the planet.

-Digital Trends


Ubisoft's sequel borrows from Rockstar's oeuvre to make a richly enjoyable open world game."



It's bold, beautiful and tells a story [that is] well built, exciting and sometimes hilarious.

- Digital Spy


A genuinely innovative and rewarding experience.

-The Independent


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