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What We’re Playing This Weekend

Allegorithmic on December 8 2016 | Stories, News, Game

It's been a long week and what better remedy than a weekend of gaming? We made the rounds to get current team favorites.

Charles Brégeon, Space Business Developer

For the past week, I've been torn between my competitive spirit on Overwatch (for Season 3, I want to be Diamond Tier!) and a surprising turn of event on a chill game: the new Foundation update of No Man's Sky.


I'm trying to master Zarya to be a better tank for my team as well as exploring new and unknown worlds aboard my shiny, insect-like spaceship! If there is time, I could even cram a bit more Grim Dawn with some friends.

Zarya from Overwatch

A world from No Man's Sky

Eric Batut, Engine Code Plumber

These days I'm playing the God of War series (well, the 720p remasters available on PS3), in chronological order. I just finished Chains of Olympus, originally released on PSP in 2008, so God of War 2 is next as soon as I can conquer the last arena challenges (a recurring staple of that particular series). The combat systems are absolutely great, the environments look gorgeous, and I've been pleasantly surprised by how interesting the story is. For mid-2000s games, the technical

achievement is impressive. I can only imagine the amount of tech skill that must have been necessary to squeeze all of this in PS2/PSP-era machines, so kudos to Sony Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn!


Otherwise, I'm in love with 'programming' games like the ones from Zachtronics Industries (Spacechem, TIS-100 or the recently released Shenzhen I/O), and also games that require you to enter some kind of 'zone'-like state and to push your own limits farther and farther away in order to progress, like Super Meat Boy or Super Hexagon for instance. To me, the sensation of progressing in a game has rarely been so gratifying.

Shenzhen I/O

Super Meat Boy

Damien Bousseau, Technical Artist

Right now I’m playing e-sport games with a team of friends who have been playing together for years now. For the past six months it’s been Rocket League, a quick and fun game that requires a certain amount of technical skill (you can see my car below). If you’re just discovering the game, check out paschy90’s YouTube channel! A professional Rocket League player and Youtuber, he’s finished in the top 3 during the last European Rocket League championships.

Felipe Restrepo, Systems Administrator

Right now I'm playing the most complete strategy game out there (IMHO), or like some of my colleagues call it, an overpowered Excel sheet: Civilization VI. I love this game; it makes time disappear. One minute it’s Friday night and you’ve just played one turn, and the next minute your boss is calling because all the automation servers are down and it’s Monday afternoon. If I'm not playing that, I'm mostly playing games with unnecessary amounts of violence like Hotline Miami.

Hotline Miami

Benjamin Maréchal, Senior Brand Designer

Since I’m curious about art and game development, I’m always interested in games with attractive worlds and art direction. Here’s some of what I’ve been playing:


– AAA games like Battlefield 1 and Gears of War 4 on PC because they’re classic series, and because I’m rarely disappointed by the overall quality (especially of the PC versions). It’s not just the story that’s AAA, but I’m really into the graphics,

environments, effects details and post effects. As you might imagine, I’m easily distracted by the graphics, so I’m not really a good wingmate in co-op mode for a campaign. And Battlefield 1 is proof that EA DICE’s photogrammetry process is clearly a win; no need to say that the environments are totally gorgeous.


Firewatch by Campo Studio, which I hadn’t had the time to play until now (like 95% of my Steam game list. Thanks, Steam sales!) The art direction is radiant and it’s an amazingly well written game, with dialogues that are human and funny. The sound design is perfect and proves that sound is a big chunk of a game, especially when you experience it with headphones.


Elite Dangerous is a pearl and probably the greatest experience I've had so far in a space sim. I just regret that I haven’t had the chance to play it in VR mode. – Last but not least, Rocket League: quick, fun, fun, and fun so it’s a total win.

Battlefield 1


François Cottin, Associate Vice President

The brand-new Civilization IV is on heavy rotation at my house, whether I’m playing alone at night or on the weekends with my 9- and 7-year old boys. I’ve been playing Civ since the very first Microprose MS-DOS version back in 1991 and have enjoyed every single version and DLC apart from Beyond Earth, which lacks the historical immersion I love.

When I fired up my first computer in 1985 – an Amstrad 6128 I got for Christmas when I was seven years old – I would have never imagined that I would spend 25 years playing the same game!

Civilization IV

Civilization 1

Sébastien Deguy, CEO

Everything that I’ve been playing recently is on my iPhone, including the one game I’ve been playing most: CSR Racing 2. It’s a drag racing game developed by NaturalMotion featuring gorgeous customizable supercars with plenty of upgrade options and opportunities for playing with friends. As it happens, my favorite game buddy right now is my 5-year-old son, and if I’m playing so much, it’s to help him win more cars!

CSR Racing 2

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