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What We’re Playing This Weekend - 2

Allegorithmic on January 12 2017 | Stories, News, Game

The Clermont team just moved into a brand new building with a complete game room, so we decided to take January off and just play games instead. (Kidding. About January, not the building.)


Here’s a rundown of who’s playing what:

Milan Irigoyen, Baking Wizard

My game of the moment is Dwarf Fortress. Start off with seven beardy dwarves and a handful of materials, and build the fortress of your dreams!


The level of detail in the game makes for unique situations all the way (each unit is detailed up to the digits of each hand, for example), and you never know what will be the downfall of your current fort. Hit a pocket of magma and cook everyone?

Goblin invasion? Necromancer attack? Riots due to the lack of booze?


Every fort is an opportunity to test something different. I'm currently building a colosseum where my mightiest dwarves wrestle savage beasts like vicious alligators or filthy elves for gold, fame, and the entertainment pleasure of nobles and visitors. Complete with traps and a cornucopia, Hunger Games-style! Of course, to get enough action going, my citizens spend a lot of time capturing any vicious beast they can get their hands on. Hence the multi-level prison facilities and multiple animal tamers.


To be honest, the raw game is definitely unplayable for me. ASCII graphics, menus and submenus everywhere, and the in-game help is impossibly complicated. I play with the "Lazy Newb Pack", a community-maintained pack of mods and other utilities which make the game much easier to play and understand. It features texture packs, a sound engine, UI enhancements, isometric view and even Oculus Rift support

Dwarf Fortress - Title Screen

Dwarf Fortress - In game

Vincent Gault, Community Manager / Technical Artist

With 2 kids, time is precious so I tend to give priority to games where I can “get in” really quickly.


On PC, I am a Team Fortress 2 addict since the beginning! You can be sure it’s the first game I launch whenever I can. For me it remains the quintessence of multiplayer FPS fun and my favorite character remains the Demo!


On PS4, when I am not Playing Batman Arkham Knight, I love to play Rocket League with my son: lots of fun! Next to the list: Overcooked that I want to play with my family :-)

Team Fortress 2

Rocket League

Charles Brégeon, Space Business Developer

With the craze of the December festivities, I had some time to play more Grim Dawn with a friend and it seems that I can't get tired of evil minions exploding under the hellfire of my Demolitionist character. Let’s see what the future is made of! (Probably more explosions. Definitely explosions.)


Each week we also play Couch-Co-Op games and it has been increasingly hard to

find good games where two to four pals can occupy too much space in my living room and eat all my junk food in front of the same screen. What we've found this time is The Cave, a really neat 3-player game where you explore a talking cave (Yes. Talking Cave.), discover awesome stuff and sometimes get the princess killed by a loose dragon that you might have set free. Who could have known okay?!


Recently I also plunged back into the magnificent The Witcher 3 and I'm in the process of tying all the loose ends of every interest point I can possibly find. It seems I'll have plenty of hours of fun before seeing the end of that and I love it!

Grim Dawn

The Cave

Alexandre Chassany, Senior Software Engineer

When I play a video game, I like to be moved by it. I really enjoy games that tell a story with nice graphics and music. Here is the most memorable one I've played recently:


- Ori and the Blind Forest developed by Moon Studios is a platforming game that transports the player into a fantasy world where you play Ori, a small cute creature

that has to restore the balance of the forest where he lives. This game is a really good and challenging platformer. You die a lot but never get frustrated. The story is beautiful and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't shed some tears during the game.


Sometimes it feels like you're watching a mix of some good old Disney movies like The Lion King or The Fox and the Hound. And Ori is also a gorgeous game – maybe one of the most gorgeous I've ever played. It's like you are evolving inside animated paintings. I've found myself listening to the soundtrack and admiring the backgrounds without playing many times. I highly recommend this game (if you don't believe me, have a look at the Steam reviews :) )

Ori and the Blind Forest

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